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Chetan International School, Sonai Mathura Hathras Road

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Admission Open 2020-21

ADDRESS : Opp Devi Mandir , Mathura Hathras Road ,
Sonai MATHURA - 281206 (U.P)
PHONE NO : 9997562370
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Co –curricular Activity

  • 1. Games & Sports
  • 2. Yoga
  • 3. Dance
  • 4. Music
  • 5. Art
  • 6. Dramatic
  • 7. Exhibition
  • 8. Competitions
  • 9. Festive Celebration
  • 10. Visiting Faculty  


  • 1. School tuition fee will be paid in two installment.
  • 2. Admission fee, development fee, caution money examination fee will be paid at the time of admission /1st installment.
  • 3. Once a fee deposited should not be refunded at any case.
  • 4. Caution money is refundable in all settlement of all dues along with T.C.
  • 5. Parents should keep the fee deposit receipts in safe custody.
  • 6. If without a valid reason the fee is not paid within the dues period the name of the student will be struck
    off the rolls and the readmission of the students may be on the direction on the principal on payment
    of all areas and as a fine of Rs. 100/-
  • 7. All the students must follow the rules and regulation laid down by the school to conduct the admission smoothly.


The evaluation of a child is a continuous activity which goes through the year which is divided in four terms.
Students appear in the examination at the end of each term. The final evaluation report is made on the basis of
continuous evaluation throughout the year as per the CBSE notification. This is based on the
social behavioral activities, assignment activities, class room performance etc.